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Splash Magic - Reusable Water Balloons

Splash Magic - Reusable Water Balloons

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The Reusable Water Balloons that can be used OVER and OVER again! 💦

Refills in 1 Second and Magnetically Seals 😱

Magnetic Self Sealing & Fast Reload - You just need to open this magnetic water ball and put it into the water, it will be filled and sealed automatically in 1 second, no need for a water pipe. After being hit or squeezed, the water inside the ball bursts out and can then be refilled and used over and over for years. Stop paying for disposable water balloons every time you use them!

Wider Use Scenarios - No plumbing restrictions, it can start the game anywhere there is water, it can float in the pool and be filled with water at any time for long-range attacks, it can also be used to carry out summer-themed parties in the backyard, while still being a good bath toys or beach toys, suitable for both adults and children 


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