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Chroma Mist - Refresh & Relax

Chroma Mist - Refresh & Relax

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Make your room smell amazing 😊

Just add your preferred cologne or essential oil, along with water, into the diffuser, and there you go! The bright color-changing mist will fill your room with your favorite aroma. 

Say bye to a stinky room 🤮

Whether it's dirty laundry, piled up food wrappers, your pet, etc...

The intoxicating smell of the Chroma Mist will drown it out for several hours! (You should still clean your room though 💀)

Perfect for when you got friends coming over! (..or a sneaky link 😏)

✅ Make your environment more relaxing and calming, even getting rid of bad smells

    7 changing colors - The touchable flame will make your room aesthetic so much better

    ✅  Fragrance Diffuser - Relax yourself with the smell of your favorite oil or even cologne

    Specially designed ultrasonic aromatherapy - after adding water, only one or two drops of aromatherapy essential oil can be added to make the house full of aroma. 

    Ultra quiet and lasts up to 8 hours when filled to the line (180 mL, please don't exceed)


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