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AquaBlasterX - Ultimate Water Gun

AquaBlasterX - Ultimate Water Gun

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Dominate the Water Gun Fight with the AquaBlasterX!

✅ Includes a Drum Magazine for a HUGE water supply

✅ Fully Electric, Shoots Fully Automatic like the real thing

✅ Insanely Fun to bring out on those Hot Summer Days

☀️ Tons of Summer Fun - The AquaBlasterX will reign supreme at any water gun fight and keep you and your friends cool! The fully auto water blasts will feel great in the summer heat and the drum mag will leave others in awe!

💦 Designed with rechargeable batteries, the water supply can be continuously supplied with water by simply charging it, which ensures a long playing experience. Kids can enjoy continuous water battle fun. The two replaceable water storage magazines allow them to seamlessly change ammo during play without interrupting the game due to lack of water

Easy to Operate - The motorized pump design makes it easier to operate, just press the button lightly to trigger continuous water spraying action, no manual pumping required. This design makes it easier for kids to master the operation skills and focus on the games and battles.


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